**On February 26, 2012, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman–A ‘Community Watch Captain’ in Sanford, FL. Trayvon was walking home from a convenience store where he’d purchased Skittles and a can of iced tea. Zimmerman saw Trayvon and called 911 to report a “real suspicious guy” who looked to be “up to no good.” The dispatcher instructed Zimmerman not to follow the suspect, but Zimmerman pursued him. The ensuing scuffle led to Zimmerman shooting Trayvon in the chest, killing the teen.**

The only thing I know is he was seventeen.
I also know that he was dead when they left the scene.

Police know the guy who pulled the trigger, but
have not detained him,
have not arraigned him.
It’s hard for me to figure what
the fuck’s going on. Another life down the drain.
The family and community cry out the pain.
No weapon on his body—he was listening to headphones,
being chased by a grown man who was dead wrong.

Guy called 9-eleven for suspicion.
The police told him sit and wait for ’em, but he didn’t.

Thinkin’ “I’m a go get him.” Went and got him.
Had a tussle and a scuffle, pulled the piece out and shot him.
And told the cops that it was self defense.
Police let the man go. I think that’s what they call negligence.

Community Watch—impunity walks—
so I’m hoping everyone in the community talks,
and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no unity walks.
I’m ’bout fed up with knowing about the best thing we do will be talk.

I’m saying get off yo’ ass—raise up your voice!
If you make enough noise, you gon’ make ’em make a choice.
No justice, peace or speeches!
Preachers, Lawyers, Teachers, teach this!
Need this! Knees get bruised from praying. Heedless
people leaving loving mothers seedless!
Jesus, I don’t want to see another CNN news-
feed, blog, telling me what I should do!

better try and get the love back.
‘Cause if it happened to your family, then you wouldn’t be above that.
You prob’ly thinking you would bust back.
Now, I ain’t saying that’s the answer, but I’m saying that we must act!
‘Cause if we don’t, what’s that say about us?
That we can watch a kid die and end up saying ‘so what?’

I’m wishing peace for you, Trayvon Martin.
If anybody’s with me, this here’s the way I’m starting.

It’s your turn…

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A.D. Carson


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