The city never sleeps—
While he was gettin’ G’d for his sneakers
she was gettin’ beat by a Beemer.
If you’d seen her, there would be no scars to distinguish,
‘cuz she was gettin’ beat by a swinger—
wifey watchin’.
Nikes talkin’,
icy watch and
like he oughta known better in this weather—
it’s a cold world.

Old girl’s on Trick Number two—
hour into her night, “What’s a bitch gonna do to get by?”

That’s what she tell her disapprovin’ friends.
“And what the fuck I’m ‘posed to tell my kids when school begins?”

wanted to run with all the hooligans,
graduate of Julian,
thinkin’ he in school again,
could have went to Julliard

Teacher said, “He’s truly artistic.”
Smart wit’ it.
Could draw pictures.
Rather draw pistols;
Mama draws numbers;
runs in the family—
brought ‘em all under.

He was the Small Wonder who turned to the Big Loser.
She was the broad, one would
call her a tip bruiser back when.
Wouldn’t give it up, but she’ll let you
dry hump her if you real special.

Like a nigga like her daddy
And he was flossin’ hard in a Caddy.
She tell her friends, “That’s the moment he had me!”

So now she call this nigga Daddy;
he tell her to get him money;
she tell him she’ll do it gladly.

So tonight is just a small setback, B,
because as long as she fuckin’ he got cash, see?
And Momma told me never look at ‘em strange,
but how the fuck I’m ‘posed to look—
this nigga pushin’ a Range?

And I feel bad for the girl—
she only happy when she wit’ him;
then she mad at the world.

But then
I take a look at myself,
and the options available to me if I’m lookin’ for wealth.

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A.D. Carson


I'm just a little south of the Windy City...

2 thoughts on “The City Never Sleeps

  1. ArDenae Harris 6 years ago

    man i can really feel you on this because its really what we seeing everyday and everynight. its also the life and world are children and are childrens children to live in. its a horriable reality but it seems like now most people just kinda accept it for what it is.

    1. adcarson 6 years ago

      My hope is that the awareness of the fact, and acknowledgement through writing the stories, helps in some small way…thanks for reading.