A.D. Carson at SIUE.


Through an event sponsored by the English Language and Literature Association and hosted by senior English major Vince “Ackurate” Manuel, of Brooklyn, N.Y., three spoken-word artists shared what they have learned throughout their writing and performing careers on Thursday, April 10.

While there were other performers, the main act of the evening belonged to author, poet, rapper and Ph.D. student A.D. Carson, and Manuel was the person responsible for bringing Carson to SIUE.

“A.D. actually came to SIUE when I was a sophomore. When he performed, it really amazed me because I don’t think people really understand the terminology of spoken word and how it really affects people,” Manuel said. “People are always wondering, ‘Can other people feel my situation? Do people go through the same things I do?’ And when you hear someone go through the same things and speak about it, it’s a powerful thing. Even though it might not be exactly similar to the situation you’re going through, it’s still a struggle. … His performance is impeccable, and his word choice is amazing. I was blown away when I heard him.”

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