I’m telling you these words in all honesty. As much as I want you to listen to
my music, as much as I want you to relate to my story, as much as I want you
to feel where I’m coming from, I want you to live your life, not imitate mine.
Unfortunately, your favorite rapper is not going to tell you this, so I will. Music
has the power to move people to action. There have been times that I’ve been
under the influence of a dope rhyme riding a nice bass line feeling like those
words were being pulled directly from my mind onto the beat—like the rapper
wasn’t just speaking to me—he (or she) was speaking for me. But as much as
I fancy myself “fly,” “fresh,” “hood,” “rich,” or whatever else it is that’s being
projected from those speakers, those are not my words being spoken and not
my life story being told, no matter how much I may wish it to be, and honestly,
that is great for me. It’s great for you, too. You don’t know what that person
has endured to get to that place, and that person doesn’t know your story either.
I’m not saying don’t like the music. I’m not saying don’t feel the music. I’m just
asking that you listen with a discerning ear that can separate fact from fiction,
entertainment from real life, you from your favorite rapper. I state this because
you may think you know, but you have no idea what it may be like to walk in
those shoes, no matter how good the story may sound through your speakers. My
advice: Be the lyrics to your own song…that’s a tune that’ll probably sound a lot
better coming from you anyhow.

Originally Posted On www.power217radio.com 3/6/11 “‘Hip-Hop-olosophy’ w/ A.D. Carson”

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